Saturday, January 07, 2006

This is THE WAY to start out 2006!! I tell ya!! What wonderful day it was!! it ended with a BANG! First off.. me and my buddy Brian and my sister Leia decided to go to The San Diego Temple and then spend the rest of the time at SeaWorld since it was a nice sunny day... so We got ready and took off... It was a very long drive but we managed to make it alive even with Brian's crazy driving. When we got to the Temple.. It was CLOSED! so it was a bummer but we got to take awesome pictures of it.. I think this is THE best temple here! I mean check out the pictures!... And After messing around there for a little while we shot over to seaworld which was right down the street and had ourselves a Good ol' time!
SeaWorld is a great place!! too bad we didn't get to see everything!! but the ticket is good for the rest of this year!! so we are gonna go back for some more Shamu! After a long day and after grubbing down some carne asada french fries we went straight home and I just found out that my father just cut his HAIR short! I couldn't believe my eyes!! I had to rub them again to see better.. but his Long hair wasn't there anymore and its been more than 15 years since he cut it or even had it that short!! people at church tomarrow is gonna freak! i think even my grandma is gonna go crazy! I think something is up.. but I will only know tomarrow.... But what a glorious day to come home to my dad who is not only changing but is going through something that I don't even know yet.. and he WONT TELL ME! here is a before picture and an after picture of his hair... (I don't believe what he told me about his hair getting burnt from an messed up Carborator that spat up fire when mom started the engine..


Blogger m-Y-k-E-e said...

wow.i was trying to post some pics of our temple here in manila,i got one posted already,other pics are just not ready ,yet!cant wait to download.ill do it later then i decided to check ur page and there it is! temple din eh! nice temple tour! hahahaha tough luck.seaworld's awesome! love the dolphin'S soooo much,pare! i've seen some sa subic.fascinating!

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